Product Manuals

We provide instructional documentation and data sheets for all our products below. If there is anything you can't find, please contact us at

Operation Manuals

AnaSat® C-Band QuickStart Guide 411 KB
AnaSat® C-Band Operation Manual 1.1 MB
AnaSat Ku-Band QuickStart Guide 338 KB
AnaSat Ku-Band Operation Manual 1.0 MB
ELSAT® BUC and Baby BUC Operation Manual 872 KB
SSPA Operation Manual 1.1 MB
AnaSat 1+1 Redundancy Protection Switch 683 KB
AnaSat 1+1 Redundancy Protection Switch MS version 2.7 MB
AnaSat Hand Held Terminal Guide
195 KB

Software User Guides

ODU Ethernet Configuration User Guide - updated 6/13/17
Using the firmware IP command to configure the Ethernet interface beyond factory default DHCP settings.
43 KB
Addendum for using mDNS to browse devices
Monitoring an ODU via a web browser without knowledge of its IP address.
83 KB
Device Recovery Addendum
Suggestions to consider when an ODU cannot be discovered/found on a LAN.
71.2 KB
Device IP Address Assignment - Static vs DHCP
Description of Static vs DHCP address assignment.
83 KB
Using a Telnet Client
Using a telnet client to monitor an ODU.
80 KB
Remote Access Mechanism User's Guide
Using an accessible server to provide access to equipment on a LAN behind a firewall.
526 KB
Remote Firmware Update Guide - updated 6/14/17
Updating ODU firmware using Supervisor and a provided Hex file.
1.3 MB
External Reference Switching Option
Switching between an internal and external 10 MHz reference source when the optional feature is installed.
97 KB
Supervisor 10 Linux Operation Guide
Installing and using Supervisor on a client machine running the Linux OS.
605 KB
SNMP Command List
Configuring and using the SNMP agent provided in the ODU firmware.
164 KB
Addendum for Pole Switch Control
Using the optional polarization control feature.
46 KB
Protection Switch Manual Mode Timeout Feature
If running ODU firmware 91+, manual A/B settings will timeout and return to AUTO mode. This document describes this new behavior, and how to return to the previous behavior if desired.
78 KB
AnaCom Supervisor 10 help file

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