SSPA Documents

We provide instructional documentation and data sheets for all our products below. If there is anything you can't find, please contact us at

SSPA Specifications

SSPA Specifications 123 KB

SSPA Instruction Manual

SSPA Operation Manual 872 KB

SSPA C-band Drawings

10-30 Watt C-Band SSPA ?? KB
40-70 Watt C-Band SSPA ?? KB
80 Watt C-Band SSPA 60 KB
100 Watt C-Band SSPA 63 KB
125/150 Watt C-Band SSPA 115 KB
180/200 Watt C-Band SSPA 115 KB
SSPA Ku-band Drawings

8-32 Watt Ku-Band SSPA 51 KB
40 Watt Ku-Band SSPA 47 KB
60 Watt ELSAT Ku-Band SSPA 65 KB
80/100/125 Watt ELSAT Ku-Band SSPA 135 KB
200 Watt ELSAT Ku-Band SSPA ?? KB

Operation Manuals are also available in Spanish and Chinese,
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