• AnaCom's Outdoor and Indoor Satellite Microwave Equipment have an unmatched reputation for reliability.
  • Our Monitor and Control capabilities allow customers unparalled control over their AnaCom equipment
  • Most products work easily with our Redundancy Protection Switch systems for true plug-and-play protection.
AnaSat Transceiver

AnaSat® Transceivers

70MHz AnaSat® Transceivers, available in C- and Ku-Bands.

C-Band Series Brochure
Ku-Band Series Brochure

RackSat Converters

RackSat Converters

Rack-mounted indoor converters in C- or Ku-band, L-band transmit only, or 70 or 140 MHz transmit and recieve.
Compatible with the rack-mounted Protection Switch.

L-Band IF RackSat Converter Brochure
70/140 MHz IF RackSat Converter Brochure
RackSat Protection Switch

1+1 Protection Switch System

1 + 1 Protection Switches

Redundancy protection systems, featuring cold, warm, and hot standby modes.

1 + 1 Protection Switch Brochure

AnaSat Ku 40W ODU

Solid-State Power Amplifiers

SSPAs for running C- or Ku-Band Satellite Microwave ODUs

C- and Ku-Band SSPA Brochure


"The Boss" - Handheld Terminal for controlling single-thread ODU setups and 1+1 Redundancy Systems.