Returning Equipment for Repair

  1. Download the RMA form
    ⤵ RMA form
  2. Send the completed form to, or fax it to our Customer Service Department at +1.408.159.2063
  3. Once the form is received, a Customer Service Representative will contact you with an RMA number. You must be issued an RMA number before sending in your unit for repair.
  4. When you have received your RMA number, please ship the prepaid equipment to:
    AnaCom, Inc.
    1961 Concourse Dr.
    San Jose CA, 95131
    Attention: Repair Department

A copy of the RMA form including your RMA number must be included in the box(es) with the return shipment. Do not send units without an RMA number.

If possible, the LNC and LNC cable should be included with the unit. This will allow for a more thorough evaluation and collaboration.

If the product(s) is found to be out of warranty, there is an initial cost of $600 USD for evaluation and testing. Equipment repair for smaller units starts at $950 USD. Larger unit repairs start at $1,100 USD. Protection Switch and Controller repairs start at $600 USD. Any major part replacement will be additional. A cost estimate will be sent to the customer for the repair.

These costs do not include shipping fees. We will require a Purchase Order to proceed with repairs.

Queries regarding repair status can be addressed to Administrative Support at 408.519.2062 ext.10 or