AnaCom features world-class Monitor and Control Software for its ODUs and indoor Satellite Microwave Products, allowing communcation over HTTP, FTP, SNMP, RS-232, and RS-485.

Supervisor 10

Our Monitor and Control software allows for control of an arbitrary number of remote transceivers, BUCs, and protection switches (PS.) Communications with outdoor equipment is accomplished through an arbitrary number of RS-232C serial ports – whatever is available. RS-485 is also supported using an AnaCom supplied converter and cable – depending on the configuration desired. Supervisor uses AnaCom’s proprietary packet protocol to establish reliable communication between a PC running the Supervisor program and the outdoor equipment. If connected to a protection switch, the PS can further connect to ODU equipment via a common RS- 485 bus to each transceiver.

SNMP Compatibility

AnaCom, Inc. has implemented an SNMP agent in BUCs which ship with our ARM9-based M&C card. This is an Ethernet-based protocol often used by NMS applications for controlling networks of many remote sites. You can download the AnaCom MIB file for use with your SNMP system.
⤵ AnaCom MIB file for SNMP

A simple Windows program is provided for demonstration purposes that will monitor and control a single AnaCom BUC.
⤵ SNMP Demo (Windows version for a single unit)