AnaCom, Inc. was one of the initial firms in the Satellite Transceiver Industry, now having designed and manufactured satellite communications equipment for over 30 years. After entering the market in the mid-1990’s, AnaCom’s market share grew rapidly due to new and improved product designs providing inherent reliability and value.

After shipping our first product in 1995, a 5W EC-Band Transciever, Anacom soon followed with its Ku-Band line and has since developed product families of BUCs and SSPAs, as well as a variety of related accessories including the ubiquitous 1+1 Redundancy Protection Switch System. While developing each of our different product families, AnaCom, Inc. has never lost track of our founders’ guiding principle: “Quality is Job #1,” ensuring our position as industry leader in reliability and performance.


As people are the key to any successful business, AnaCom, Inc. has worked hard to acquire good people and create an environment that keeps them challenged and excited. As a result, the average time worked at AnaCom by our employees exceeds 10 years.

With such employment longevity, AnaCom employees know the products better, know all the customers better, and know how to troubleshoot better. The resulting benefits to AnaCom’s customers are immeasurable


All of our units are Northern California home-grown,  assembled and tested in our manufacturing plant in San Jose, CA, and all printed circuit boards populated by San Francisco Bay Area companies that specialize in component insertion.

AnaCom has service centers in the USA, the UK (serving the EU), Africa, Russia, China, India, and Thailand. If it’s broke, we can fix it – just about anywhere in the world.

AnaCom, Inc. also has sales personnel, distributors and representatives covering the globe. Wherever you are located, we can respond rapidly to your needs and requests. Let us know if you have a rush order – we can get you the equipment you need on time and on budget.


Since bringing out our first C-Band units over 20 years ago, AnaCom, Inc. has always been at the cutting edge of RF design. Our technical staff goes the extra mile to fully understand in impact of design updates and industry trends, both good and not-so-good. We do not blindly follow the industry, but instead rely on our own research to develop a product strategy that best serves our customer’s needs.