Last Update: Version 10.1.37 (Release date 11/12/2018)

Version 10.1.37
  • Fix: suspend_polling_task() calling Sleep() instead of delay_ms()
  • Add a new alarm, RAM_FAULT, when we detect a corruption in ODU/PS RAM has occurred
  • Modify >DHCP commad to accept a serial number for a device that is not connected and is on a foreign subnet
Version 10.1.36
  • Fixed: P/N not being display in device’s Monitor tab when a sufficiently long suffix has been appended to it
Version 10.1.35
  • Fixed: do not permit a LOGTXG test to be run on a protection switch
  • Fixed: contention occuring between two threads: the one running polling_timer_function() and the one that runs check_logtxg()
  • FW Update: when updating multiple devices, update PS devices first, then ODU devices
  • When selecting a lost device to be the current device, automatically try re-acquire it
  • Using func to determine if this device is a PS or not, rather than testing this_device struct field directly
  • New Feature: enable the drag-and-drop of tabs in the Monitor window to reorder monitored devices
  • When starting a firmware upload using the “Copy to ODU” button, update the Summary window status line, to indicate that a FW Update is in progress
Version 10.1.34
  • Fixed: the status display for the Pole Switch Option is wrong, SW#1 and SW#2 are swapped
  • Fixed: Firmware Update – print a warning to terminal display if user selects the same hex file as that which is already running in this device
  • Fixed: Firmware Update and Pole Switch controls occupy the same space in Monitor tabs, we need to hide Switch controls when FW Update is active
  • Fixed: Regression found, internal command >HTMLTERM was no longer appending data to the correct file: term.dump.htm
Version 10.1.33
  • Fixed regression introduced in Rev 10.1.32: the Ethernet setup list would only accept a single device for re-acquiring a lost unit
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